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3 of my kids saw it (separately) and raved about it and said how I would LOOOOOOVE it and how it was just my sort of movie....

I was more than content to wait for the DVD.  Am getting to the 'grumpy old lady' stage - cinema going is more of a pain than it is enjoyable; specially the part with having to SHARE my space with the Public.  Public who slurp and sniff and cough and TALK all through the film.  And then there's the cinema fuckups which happen far too often to be funny or anecdotal - not turning off the lights, getting the ratio wrong, killing the pic halfway through the film while the sound is still working -Oooops!   AND I have to pay for the priviledge! Bugger that! 

But ...

I happened *cough* across a copy of the soundtrack... James Horner = worth having despite never having heard it.  Willow, Braveheart, Titanic, Mighty Joe Young!  And then I listened to it... 


And had to go see the movie yesterday! (cheap Tuesday)  No NOT the 3D. (HEADACHES!)  Cos if it was half as pretty as the music...

Am I the only person who came away from that movie Depressed?

Yes, it was pretty!  Yes it was excellently done!  But does anyone seriously think the evil Earthers won't be back to 'nuke the site from space'?


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