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I told you so!
10th-Nov-2009 11:05 pm
burnt flag 2009
A drive-by posting cos we've been cut to dail-up till the 15th. Grrr! Just to let you all know that we're ok. The fires were under control by the time I found out about them. The school didn't send the kids home, so I guessed it couldn't have been too exciting. :~P Kids didn't know anything about it. But when I went to hang out some washing later, the sunlight had that orangey sort of bushfire glow, and I could see a thin layer of smoke over the sun (shafts of sunset-like beams coming from the sun) despite the blue sky. Not sure where that was from. :~( Another hot day forecast for tomorrow, and the rest of the week. Everything is going BROWN fast. *sigh*

*wishes she could move to Tassie.*
10th-Nov-2009 01:08 pm (UTC)
Well it was 30 degrees here yesterday :/

But everything is definitely green here atm! Lovely and lush and all the dams and things are full for the first time in AGES! LOL.

We'd love to have you here too :3

11th-Nov-2009 07:16 pm (UTC)
Glad everyone is safe!
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