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flying birdies!

I decided to try and get some flying shots of my guys. Sadly my camera is made of fail; it doesn't actually take the photo when you press the button, but about 1.5secs after. So it was a case of take the photo and hope a bird flew past while the shutter was open! O.o

Anyway, here's what I managed to get-

Pigwidgeon coming in to land.

Luna and Pig.

Pippin landing. (love the way Joey and Pig are leaning away from the incoming! XD)


Pippin looking like he's diving into a pool! :~D

Spike. Look at that happy face!

And Buffy, not flying but doing her 'pretty wings' off the playground for us! ♥
Tags: birds, budgie, buffy, cockatiel, joey, luna, pigwidgeon, pippin, spike

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