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I told you so!
40yrs ago today - 
21st-Jul-2009 04:15 pm
southern hemisphere full moon
I was six yrs old, and in grade 1.  I remember it started snowing, and the whole class rushed to the windows to watch something most of us had never seen in our lives - snowflakes.  I remember watching them drift down outside, then run down the nearby drain as they melted.

I remember my Mum and her brother rivited to the TV all evening, watching this wierd B&W footage, and me saying "Do we have to watch this AGAIN?!"

Yup, I remember the day man landed on the moon.  Quite vivdly.   :~D
22nd-Jul-2009 12:20 am (UTC)
I have no memory of the event. I was only 3 when Apollo 11 went to the moon. I don't even remember Apollo 13.
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