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Australia, the movie.


Just got round to watching the movie, "Australia."  What a bizarre, confused movie.  I feel like I watched 2 different films.  The first half was so camp it was like a pantomime!  Can I just say here, that using Waltzing Matilda to give a film (or TV show) that 'Aussie' feel sucks.  I hate it.  And we not only got that but Rolf Harris's good ol' wobble board!  Which didn't irk me as much as Waltzing Matilda, cos I'd decided the film was tongue-in-cheek by that stage.  Which is fine and dandy.  Harking back to the campy old westerns is fine, and I adjusted my expectations accordingly. But then there was the whole story about the Aboriginal kid and the Stolen Generations, which wasn't funny at all. And the second half was sort of good.  But I am left bewildered what I thought of it.

Hugh Jackman was lovely as always.  His hairy chest  in a few scenes was very nice eye candy indeed! 

I now have 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' stuck in my head.  :~j

And my eyes are now rolling around in their sockets indipendantly, so I am off to bed.  Ni-ni!

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