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I told you so!
Uh oh... 
27th-Apr-2009 03:18 pm
Buffy cute!

Daughter and I went to a bird show yesterday.  No intention of buying a bird of course!  We had a lovely look around at all the pretties, and I got to meet a few folk off Smiley's bird forum.  :~D

But this little darling was irresistible!  Full of personality and the prettiest blue I've seen in a Quaker parrot.  Handraised, so she's very friendly, and she has been DNA sexed, so we know for sure she's a girl.  And we got her for half the price we'd usually pay for a hand-reared Quaker.  So what if we have to live on soup for the week?!  Heh.

Now we just need to give her a NAME.  ;~P

She has the most gorgeous, growly sort of voice, and does this little chirrup that sounds for all the world like "Uh oh!"  XD

27th-Apr-2009 02:21 pm (UTC)
Heh. Yes, they are my drug of choice, and my daughter is a terrible enabler! They ALWAYS make me smile and feel happy. And I know it will be utterly tragic when they die (many yrs from now!), but you can't have the joy without the sadness. I can still get teary thinking about my wee budgie, Merlin, and he's been dead for 22yrs! This little lady should be with us for at least 30yrs!
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