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I told you so!
Just popping in to say... 
6th-Aug-2004 12:37 pm
Owl totem

In developing the look of Kashyyyk, the Art Department first turned to the much-maligned 1978 television special to see what had come before. "We watched that on a loop about four or five times, avoided suicide, and went back to work,"

I found this bloody hysterical.  :~D


Long live the Holiday Special!!  Even my kids were horrified by it.  *cackles*

ok.  Back to painting Harry and Ginny...


5th-Aug-2004 10:44 pm (UTC)
HEEE!! Does the redheaded mini-me high five. . .Our little icons look like sisters :) Though, you have prettier hair ::grumbles over lame straight hair::

Okay, chicka, tell me how I pay you to do a drawing. . . I'm so serious, cause I think you're uper talented and I bow down to your greatness. I've been dying for ages now to have the right picture for the W&P series and I'm SOOO willing to pay for it. TEE!


6th-Aug-2004 05:41 am (UTC)
*high fives you back* My hair used to be dead straight and impossible to curl... Then I had babies... And now it's just getting curlier and curlier!

I've emailed you about the illo. :~D Talk to you soon!
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