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when cosmetic surgery goes BAD...

I think I mentioned the other day that my kids were having a Planet of the Apes marathon? 
Well, this is the result.  Dad got the Sculpey out for them this afternoon, and they had the best time ever!
First up, daughter made this -

No references! 
Then, as youngest son got more and more involved turning his Luke Skywalker into a gorilla...

...she had to do the same to an old Barbie (who had already done time as an ancient Egyptian for a school project a couple of yrs back)...

Hers was a chimpanzee, though.  :~D
Eldest son (the one with Downs) was not about to be left out!  So Action Man got his toughest adventure yet -

As an ape on the Planet of the Apes!   XD

Even the 18yo Lord of the Vegemite was impressed with youngest brother's sculpting skills!

But, as I said goodnight to youngest, he pointed out where he had put gorilla-faced Luke to keep him well out of harms way -

It made me LOL.  Seriously.  Brilliant sculpting job from youngest son, but Poor Luke!  XD

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