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I told you so!
is this better? 
5th-Aug-2004 05:17 pm
Owl totem

Here's an updated version.  I've lightened and softened off the aurora.  Looks more natural now I think.  :~)

16th-Aug-2004 09:07 am (UTC)
Just hopped over from fernwithy's page, and I love your work! It's beautiful; I really like your style. In re: your comment on her LJ - I agree from the other side of the publishing situation, as someone who has tentatively written a children's book but would like to choose an illustrator myself and have input, and am having a hard time finding someone whose style matches my mental vision. If we weren't on completely separate parts of the globe, I'd be soliciting your business. :)
17th-Aug-2004 06:34 am (UTC)
Well the author I'm doing these illustrations for is in the US. But she doesn't have a publisher yet, so I'm not sure whether it will go ahead. Fingers crossed, eh? :~)
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