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storms and warnings

Thankfully the storm wasn't as big or bad as they'd anticipated.  Not here anyway.  Big winds and dust storm (which was very like the precursor for Ash Wednesday in '83) They were still telling folks to leave work early and get out of the city at 5pm last night, and warning folks not to go into town in the evening.  So they really thought it was going to be bad.  Trees falling, roofs off etc.

Here's the contrast photo to the one I took the day before.  You can kind of see how windy it was. 

By dinner time last night, all the topsoil from the farms in western Victoria coated every surface in my house.  O.o  *worries how farmers are going to grow anything*  I spent the evening and this morning dusting.  Anyone who knows me would be aware how unusual that was, but I had to - there was a layer of black grit over everything

As far as trauma goes, we got off so easy!  Nevertheless, some folks are whining, saying the text message warning we got was over the top and unnecessarily alarmed people.  But I think it was brilliant and am tremendously grateful for it!

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