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a little cooler, but still very worried.

The cool change came through, and the temperature dropped YAY!

Look at that sudden drop!  The temp on there is for the city centre; it got hotter in the suburbs.  O.o  Broke all our records.

But the fire north of us is still raging.  This is the same cloud from earlier, taken at sunset tonight.

And because I'm anal like's a satellite view I just found! And you can see the same cloud!  The point of it starts just above  Melbourne, then drifts out in a wedge shape towards the top east corner of Tassie.

It's still about 27*C, but much more pleasant.


14 dead in Victoria bushfires

I'm really concerned about friends in Kinglake and the Bendigo area. 

Tags: bushfire, family, hot, weather

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