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OMG it's full of STARS!

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It is heading for 47*C!!!!!

That's over 116* F!

This is INSANE.  I have never felt that sort of heat in my life!  (Yes, I know that's the sort of temp - and hotter - that they get in Central Australia and the Middle East, but this is MELBOURNE!)

Girlfriend, Carmel called in for a visit (we ate our Optifast bars together ;~P) and we noticed the bushfire brown sky just before she left.  Then we stepped outside and saw THIS -

That's not a cloud behind that blanket of brown, it's smoke.  Rolling and roiling as we watched, looking frighteningly like a bloody nuke! From a bushfire maybe 20km away.  *flails*  The wind is HORRIBLE.  :~C  The heat is unbelievable...

Carmel has had to take a different (and longer) route home because of the fire danger between her house and ours.  *flails*

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