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Meet Buffy!

Yes, our new birdie is with us! And she is completely and utterly adorable! My daughter turned 14 on Sunday, and this pretty baby was her birthday present. She is a pretty cinnamon colour and, while we'd planned to call this new 'tiel Cardinal Biggles, the breeder we got her from thinks she may be a girl, and Biggles just wouldn't be right. So youngest son suggested the bleeding obvious, and her name is now Buffy!

Buffy has been hand-raised, so is unafraid of hands and being handled. She wants to be with us. She comes to us whenever she is out (will never need to be clipped!!) and snuggles into our necks. ♥

My girlfriend, Carmel, lives close to where we picked her up, so we had to drop in. Carmel has a 'tiel too and he was SO excited to see Buffy! I suspect he has never seen another 'tiel before. We had her out at Carmel's and she gave everyone a cuddle.

17yo son is learning to drive (YES that's as scary as it sounds), and drove all the way, so when we got home I was delayed in the car with him while we filled out his log book. Daughter and youngest son ran in with new 'tiel and...well lets just say all thoughts of quarantine went out the window. :~P By the time I got inside, Spike was out with her and more excited than I can say!

Of course, dear little Buffy is a baby, and had had a very big day, and by this time all she wanted to do was SLEEP! So, despite Spike, she promptly went to sleep! XD

This morning she helped daughter make her lunch for school!

But there's always time for kisses!

Spike followed her everywhere. :~D  Already Spike is more willing to come to us - exactly the side effect we were hoping for.

And Buffy just likes being with us.  I've had her out several times today because she was begging me as I passed her cage.  She snuggles into my neck while I'm on the comp, or climbs around on my head, which feels wonderful!

As I said, the breeder thinks she's a girl, but will do a DNA test for us in a few weeks, and then we'll know for sure.  :~)

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