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Spring showers

Lovely warm Spring weather = birdies outside and bathtime!  (via a spray-bottle shower)

Wet! Spike.

Bedraggled! Pippin.

Pigwidgeon, Belle, and Luna looking spectacularly Punk.   *glee!*

On a completely different note - it seems I am able to get Rich text on Firefox again!  YAY!

Oh, and daughter and I saw our first live eclectus today!  We've only seen them in docos or on youtube to date, but we went to the bird store we got Spike from to stock up on some birdy stuff today, and there this stunning creature was - a beautiful female eclectus!  This is daughter's dream parrot; she has wanted one for a couple of years now.  Although her preference is for a male bird, I'll admit I adore the gorgeous scarlet and blue of the females.  This one squawked a couple of times (though it was mostly quiet - just watching) and it was pretty ear-piercing!  (Great for endearing us to the neighbours!  *is wicked* )  

Now, we just need to win Tattslotto....  ;~P
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