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Budgies by blacklight!

Did you know that budgies see into the UV spectrum? And that to other budgies, certain parts GLOW. Well, as soon as I heard this, I had to get a UV/blacklight so I could see my budgies the way they see each other...

Hubby brought home a blacklight and my budgies showed their true colours!!

Pippin's face lit up like a neon light! And look at his 'blue' cheek patches!

Luna sort of glowed softly all over, specially her head and cheeks, like Pippin.

But poor little Pigwidgeon really didn't glow at all. Apparently blue budgies don't glow like the green ones do.

Spike is busily growing new feathers at the moment and his face is steadily going yellow (it's a BOY! XD), and look at the yellow feathers on his face glow! It looks all funny and patchy at the moment, but oh so cute.

(and, as an aside, I have to mention - Spike walked along the kitchen bench tonight to my hand and stepped onto it by his own choice! This is the bird who hates hands!! I didn't ask him to step up at all. Just rested my hand on the bench to see what he'd do, and he looked at me carefully and I could see him make up his mind, and then he walked down the bench to me and stepped onto my hand! So exciting!! Darling birdie!!)
And another of Pippin cos he's SO pretty!!

And here's a youtube vid I made the other night. Please excuse the dialogue in the background - the family were watching "The Mist" (and are still wibbling about it!)
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