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Indiana Jones and the ewoks aka Indy 4....

We saw it on the first w/e and I haven't had the chance to post about it.

Did I like it?  

I'll admit I went into it quite fearful of a disaster, and when it opened with a cute CG Indewok, sorry, groundhog, I thought all my worst fears were coming true.  But then we got a bit of a homage to American Graffitti, and the whole Roswell/Area 51 thing, which was amusing.  And I was delighted to realise I was really enjoying it!  Harrison was great!  Cate Blanchett was great!  The cameo from the Ark was great! 

Then it went and 'Nuked the Fridge'.  A saying which has instantly become synonymous with 'Jumping the Shark'.  Which I think is fucking hilarious and fills me with love for the geeks.  Much LOLZ, but seriously...  could not suspend my disbelief.  And to add insult to injury, the bloody Indewoks survived!!!  *stabs*

I didn't mind Mutt; at least he wasn't as annoying as Short Round.  And I loved Marion.  (she was always my fave)  I also loved the allusions to Indy being a War hero.  Bloody hell, is there anything Alan Dale isn't in at the moment?! 

I'll admit I had trouble following the plot, but was happy enough to sit back and enjoy the ride.  (for the most part - there was stuff like Mutt 'tarzaning' through the jungle, and the silly monkeys, that just...gah!)  Then I kept having flash-backs to the Mummy!  Don't get me wrong, I adored the Mummy; it's probably the best Indy-ripoff out there, BUT... to see Indy copying the Mummy was just wrong on so many levels, and it messed with my head.   Now, much as I liked a lot of the dialogue in the Mummy 2, the film was shite, especially the ending with the forest swirling around the pyramid and getting sucked in...  So to see that ending in an Indiana Jones movie...  No, I didn't like that.

The Wedding at the end?  Yeah, I'm girly enough to have loved it.  Indy/Marion OTP!  XD

Then we came home and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark as therapy.  Now THAT'S a GOOD movie.  And, deargod Harrison was gorgeous back then!  *drools*

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