May 24th, 2007

Owl totem

new pix!

Two new pieces, done for The Quidditch Pitch ladies for Phoenix Rising.  (and I'm assuming it's ok to post these now, ladies? Flail and I'll lock this post pronto!  ;~) )
One, coverart for shocolate's lovely yr7 story, Believe that Magic Works, and the other, coverart for belovedranger's story, Under their Roof.  
Collapse )

Thanks everyone for your wonderfully helpful comments re-Ravenclaw's 'thing!'  I'll hopefully be able to show you the finished pic soon.  Helga and Godric are finished.  :~)

My kids will be walking in any minute now, and we're going to see Pirates 3!  I have the tickets and the munchies ready to go.  I could really do with some good, fun, escapism right now!!  :~D