May 17th, 2006


some random thoughts....

You know that little tic Dan Radcliffe has? The one where his right eye does a kind of half blink. Don't see it as often now, but when he was younger...

Anyway! Was watching the last of the new series of Smallville the other night and just about fell out of my chair when I saw Tom Welling's face do exactly the same thing! O.o I mean, I've always been amazed at their likeness to each other, but really! Was his right eye too!

On a completely different note - I've finally indentified one of the things that bothered me in GoF the movie - the 2nd task was supposed to be in Feb, right? After Xmas/Yule Ball, after all the snow. Verging on Spring.

So why are there AUTUMN leaves everywhere??


Fellow Melbournites - did any of you see the Moonrise last night?! Talk about AWESOME. This great, huge, yellow, gibbous Moon. *swoons*

I have spent today recording myself reading!! HAHAHAHAHA. *is deeply amused* Now the kids are about to arrive home.... no, the first IS home. ;~)

Gotta get a couple of hours in doing commissions before I start cooking dinner!!