April 8th, 2006

tawny frogmouth

chocolate rabbits

A question for my flist because I realised that if I googled 'chocolate' and 'rabbits' it would spit up a ton of Easter shite at me!

We have just discovered that our 6yo rabbit, Mucha (see prior rabbit posts for photos), LOVES chocolate. We're talking, licks his paws, blisses out, love.

The discovery was quite accidental- my daughter was sitting on the grass outside, eating a small chocolate, when he came up to her for a cuddle and got very excited by the smell of the chocolate, attempting to reach her mouth. So she did what any child would do in that situation - she shared. And Mucha gobbled the chocolate down like it was the best thing he'd ever tasted! (which it probably was)

I must point out here, that my kids do not usually share their chocolate with animals - the dog wont eat it - literally spits it out - which is a good thing because it's poisonous for dogs. And they know this.

We've given Mucha peanut butter sandwiches before (leftover school lunches) and he loves them - licks the peanut butter off and leaves the bread! So, of course, the kids tried him with a Nuttella sandwich...

Well, he loved it! Afterwards, he was lying on the grass (on his side) licking his paws and so blissed out that he failed to hear my daughter approach. Then he proceeded to charge around the yard, I assume, having a sugar rush, and chew on sticks (to clean his teeth I imagine!).

What I want to know is - is chocolate poisonous for rabbits like it is for dogs? Or could we treat him occasionally? I am greatly amused to find we have a bunny that loves chocolate. There is a true irony there; specially at this time of yr! ;~P