July 19th, 2005

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Ok.  My feelings on the new book...
In a nutshell - too short.  I felt like we got the heavily abridged version.  Before OotP I was a fan of HP, but turned obsessed after.  I've heard folks complain that OotP was too long, that she should have edited loads out, but I really truly LOVED it.  I loved every skerrick of info, and that we were able to really get to know characters.  (Neville for example.) GoF was similar. Both felt like wonderfully juicy stories.  I think if she wrote GoF now, the entire SPEW thing would be edited out and, while I can accept that in the movie version, I'm certainly grateful I got it in the book!  Does it advance the major plot line?  No, but it gives the reader a wonderful insight into the Wizarding world and its various predjudices; something she expanded on with Umbridge.
Did I like The Half-Blood Prince?  I have to say yes, but am going to wait until I've read it again and digested it properly before I can say how much.  I guess my initial reaction is disappointment - simply because I felt we missed out on SO much.   It was a bit like watching the movie version of PoA.  (I loved it to bits cos it was visually stunning and the kids were wonderful, but it left a LOT out.)  But in the case of that film, I have the book to go back to for the full story.  With HBP... this is all we get.

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