July 12th, 2004


to post or not to post? that is the question....

Due to demand, I am going to start posting what I have written of the next part of my SW fanfic.  The story arc that started with 40Days, followed by One Night on Bespin, then Family Matters.  This new chapter is currently (and so cleverly  ;~P ) titled Tatooine, and yes, you'll need to have read the others first.

I'll admit to a great sense of trepidation at doing this.  I have never yet posted a fic as a WIP. Fortunately I have quite a bit of this written already, so I'm hoping the pressure will kick my Muse back into gear. 

Oh, and while I think of it, it's probably worth an M rating so far.  Not sure what the American equivalent to that is.

Ok... *takes deep breath* let's go...


Collapse )<P