March 2nd, 2004

Owl totem

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Being bad today.  Mood is highly unstable which I blame wholeheartedly on the fact that my period has come a week early.  *sigh*  Still, on the positive side - that means I get to be fertile while the moon is waxing, which ALWAYS = wonderful creativity for me.  Muse is probably creeping up behind me as I type.  *glances over shoulder*

Wish I could write.  I haven't written anything in MONTHS.  I ache to write.  But every time I open a file to do it I just sit gazing at the blank screen.  :~(   Want to draw too.  Must finish folio first though...

I'm copying the audio book of GoF at the moment.  (told you I was being bad) But it's so much fun to listen to while doing the dishes and shit like that!  Makes the time fly and I hardly notice the work.

GAH! The kids'll be home in half an hour and what have I got to show for today???  Nothing!  (apart from a couple of loads of clothes on the line and the dishes washed) Hate that. 

Couldn't believe it when LOTR won best pic at the Academy Awards last night. (and so it should have!) First time ever a 'genre' film has won.  WOW, they'll be letting an SF or an action film win next and I'll think I've slid into an alternate universe or something! 

Bah!  Washing machine calleth....


Owl totem

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Which of the Nine Muses is your muse?
Greek Mythology includes tales of the nine muses: Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, adn Urania. Which of these is your muse?

~Euterpe~ Your muse is Euterpe, the Giver of Pleasure. Contrary to what I'm sure your mind has just leapt to (get it out of the gutter!), she is the muse of Music. Her symbol is the flute. You like most kinds of music, and like to sing and probably compose a little bit when you're alone.

Sorry about the lack of linky cleverness. Haven't learned how to do that yet. :~P
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