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We have a new family member!

You know I'm a sucker when it comes to birds? I can honestly say our budgies are the one thing that will, without fail, make me smile. They are wee bundles of feathery unconditional love and joy. So when youngest son, thoroughly enjoying the Eragon books and filled with the desire for his own dragon, decided he really, really wanted the closest thing to that - his own bird... well he didn't have much of a struggle convincing me. ;~P

I knew 3 budgies would not be a good idea - 2 will usually gang up on a 3rd, so we now have a cockatiel!

Meet Spike -

(you can see Pippin and Luna in the cage behind. Spike loves the budgies and calls for them whenever they're out of his sight.)
I've not had a cockatiel before, so it's a whole new learning experience for me. He sings so prettily! And, damn, does his bite HURT! ;~) But he is slowly getting used to us, and will hopefully be handleable in the near future. Stay tuned!

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