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egg in a bottle...

Really random post...

I take a bottle of water with me everywhere - a hangover from days in the (not so distant) past when I was on anti-depressants and suffering dry-mouth.  I like my water cold so, depending on the season, I half fill the bottle and freeze it.  Then, when I go out, I top it up with water and voila - water that stays nice and cold for most of my journey.

So, I automatically popped a bottle in the freezer the other day, then happened to look at it a couple of hours later and saw this -

A perfect egg-shaped bubble of air trapped in the ice!!  How awesome is that?!  Of course my camera chose that moment to need recharging, so I only got a couple of shots before it died.  And when I went back later, camera charged, the bubble had exploded/ruptured and was gone.  Call me crazy, but I felt quite excited to have seen and captured such a thing.  Certainly not something I'd seen before!  :~)
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