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I told you so!
google earth 
13th-Mar-2008 10:28 am
tawny frogmouth
Does anybody else find themselves wasting (?) hours looking at the planet through google maps?  I think it might be my new obsession.  I can't help myself.  A mention of a place I don't know and I'm google-mapping it and, before I know it, have distracted myself for a long time.  Usually time I can't afford.  ;~P

But I can't express how enamoured I am of this planet, and how pretty it is.  The colours and shapes... I can look at them forever!

I was reading a news article this morning in which there was a reference to Lake Titicaca, and I realised, despite knowing the name really well, I had no idea where it was or what it looked like.  Enter google maps.  And, as per my usual style, I looked around a bit and found this pretty place -

...and ending up spending an hour trying to find the name of this body of water.  The best I can do is tell you that it's in Bolivia, south of Lake Titicaca, and west of Lake Poopo`.   Why doesn't google maps label water?  I've had this problem looking up rivers too.  Bad googlemaps!

But isn't it pretty?!

13th-Mar-2008 03:12 am (UTC)
I can lose an hour or more easily if I open google earth at work. I have always been a fan of maps. My Dad taught me how to read maps as a child, so it's one thing I still enjoy doing. I love looking at landmarks in Google Maps' satellite view. I even put a compass in the car just to add to the map navigation thing I like to do. (I am such a geek sometimes!)

Is it wrong that as an adult I still want to put a huge world map up on my bedroom wall floor-to-ceiling like in that Joseph Fiennes movie? Hm.
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