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I told you so!
29th-Feb-2008 07:25 am
Owl totem
Not allowed to eat or drink anything (pre surgery) so thought I'd post some new art to distract myself.  ;~P

Commissioned by ronhermione33 for belovedranger, from her fic Clean Sweep.

and a closeup...

The name of the club was the Calyx Club, which invoked a floral theme in my head, so I went for an Art Nouveau style for the Club.  Hence the swirly lines and uneven sort of organic look of the background decor.

copic markers and watercolours and gouache on watercolour stock.
29th-Feb-2008 02:09 am (UTC)
Your art is always so fabulous! What I love the most is how you're able to portray these characters as adults, not adult bodies with kid faces. The truth is, your Ron is exactly how I picture him, and is my favorite out of all the fanart I've seen.

Absolutely wonderful work!
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