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I told you so!
my art for 2007 
6th-Jan-2008 02:37 am
Owl totem
I went into 2007 with a commission list a mile long, and spent most of the year worrying about it.  When I looked my art memories to do this review, I was staggered and ashamed at how little art I managed to do this year!  Then I realised I had neglected to put a lot of art into my memory file.  ;~P  As it turns out, I wasn't as slack as I first thought.  And considering I was dealing with a major house extension and a trip to the US and Canada in the middle of it all, I didn't do too bad at all!  I didn't get through my commission list, but I'm halfway and determined!

Favorite drawing for 2007: 

Would have to be the piece I did for the Deathly Hallows coverart comp at TLC.

My best drawing for 2007:
I painted a portrait of my (deceased) stepfather as a birthday present for my Mum that made her very happy.

Most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

The Bill I did as a get well pressie for my nutnatz, but that's to be expected since I didn't post it anywhere.  *is an idiot*

Most fun drawing:

The big Yule Ball at Malfoy Manor painting.  It had so many characters in it, many I've never drawn before, so I did enjoy that. 

Sexiest drawing:

The Harry/Ron I did for Shocolate's birthday.  Sometimes my Muse is kind, and I do think this piece radiates love and caring with a strong sexual pull.  This piece drew itself.  No references.
Picture I want to be remembered by:

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" drawing:
No... don't think I qualify for that one this year.  ;~)  I must aim for one this year!  Oh, I did do a Harry/Hermione piece at Prophecy... Heh.  But I haven't seen it posted anywhere so I can't post it here.

Drawing that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

The Founders.  It really made me think about them.

Hardest drawing to do:

I think that would have to be the SW Weddings one I did for may_child.  It seemed to take forever.  So many layers.  And the lace...  And I got all anal with Han and Leia's clothes, which I was happy with in the end, but... a lot of time and effort in that one.

Biggest disappointment:
That I had to close my Commission list, and still haven't got through it.  And that I haven't managed to do more Deathly Hallows art.

Biggest surprise:
That my DH coverart piece is still the most viewed piece in TLCs fanart gallery. 

Goals for 2008
To get through my Commission list and be open for new ones!  Also to get some personal art done, especially some more portrait and silk work.

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2007 (not including memes of course). Post the first line/sentence of it in your journal, and that's your year in review!

January - Yay for the end of the 'silly season!'
February - I have a new commission piece to share. :~)
March - How's this for bizarre -
April - Any Dr Who or Torchwood fans, you have to check out the gorgeous John Barrowman here -
May - Just popping in to recc 2 crossover fics from the crossover_hp comm.
June - "There was also a slight uproar from uppity folks about the toddler dressed as Slave Leia"
July - This painting was done for the gallery of Sleeping Wizards that's planned at Prophecy.
August - I'm here!  I'm at Prophecy!.
September - When I left for the US, my daughter was binging on Torchwood.
October - Any fans of Ewan McGregor or The Long Way Round?
November - My children need Xmas gifts, so I'm putting stuff on ebay!  :~)
December - It was a wonderful surprise and great honour to find out I had been chosen as the Featured Fanartist for December in the Leaky Cauldron Galleries

5th-Jan-2008 11:43 pm (UTC)
But it was appreciated the most by ME!!! And I can't tell you how much it and the Tim Tams brightened up my day. I was ecstatic for days and days. I used it as motivation when I was tired and my leg hurt and I had to get up and go to class so I could graduate. Thank you oh so much for making that so under-appreciated piece of Bill for me.
6th-Jan-2008 12:04 am (UTC)
And he was done for YOU, and I wanted him to be just for you, which is probably why I didn't post him anywhere at the time, and then he slipped my mind. ;~D I'm so glad he made you happy!! I certainly know he was appreciated by the person he was painted for, and that's what was important!
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