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I told you so!
the importance of being Harry 
9th-Jul-2004 06:00 pm
Owl totem
#1 son is currently in the front yard, in the twilight, loudly being Harry Potter.  I sent him out to get the mail from the letterbox and I guess he encountered a couple of Dementors on the way.  :~D 
He and son#3 were playing HP in front the PS2 eyetoy and son#1 took it upon himself to put a red biro scar on his forehead, scrounged his old glasses (which are very Harry Potter-like) out of a cupboard, a dressing gown for robes, and is out there right now shouting "Expecto Patronum" at the top of his lungs.  I can hear him in here, so I'm sure all the neighbours are sharing the joy as well.  :~)
#1 son has Down syndrome and his speech is rather poor, so his Expecto Patronum sounds more like "PeckoRownum!", which is pretty amusing to say the least, but I can't fault his enthusiasm!
9th-Jul-2004 06:13 pm (UTC)
I love your family and I've never met them. #1 son sounds great. Dementors on the way to the letterbox? *laughs* Actually, not so funny. I think I've been encountering a few Dementors recently... there might be some in Melbourne after all. *practices Expecto Patronum and happy thoughts*
11th-Jul-2004 08:25 am (UTC)
Thanks Myf. :~) And I think I agree with you about the Dementors hanging around Melb. I ran into a particularly nasty one when I was walking the dog this morning and couldn't think of a happy thought to save my life. (extended family fuckwits! ARGH!) Fortunately it passed after an hour or so...
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