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Fanartist Love Meme

I ADORE the fanartist community.  There is an amazing unity among fanartists that I have never seen anywhere else, and they are incredibly generous at sharing their skills.  Fanartists don't give a flying you-know-what about 'Ships; we're all about the art!

The wonderful glockgal  has started a
Fanartist Love Meme

1) ARTISTS: Comment with your name and say why you love your own art/making art.
2) EVERYONE ELSE (artists and art-lovers)!! Reply to artists to add further why you love their art. This isn't a personal-love meme, it is ALL ABOUT THE ART.
3) PIMP! As my last post indicates, artists are delicate like puppies or kittens or puptins. Spread the love, instant karma; you know the drill. 

So go tell those artists how happy their work makes you!!

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