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I come bearing artzes!

Not quite my Prophecy post, (that's still a WIP) but here's some art I did while I was away.  

First up, a piece I did for

hillas a thankyou for the beautiful Percy art she gifted me with at Prophecy!  (which I will post in another post!)
This (I was extremely shocked to realise) was the first time I have drawn Hagrid!  And while I was painting him, I have to admit I was suddenly struck by how much he's like Chewbacca!  ;~P  (except Chewie's smarter. heh)
Anyway, putting it under a SPOILER CUT cos it's DH art and I don't want to upset anyone.


Death of Hedwig.  *sob*

Next up is Sirius and Harry looking at the Black Family Tapestry in Grimmauld Place (OotP).  This one is for Patty, who so generously welcomed Carmel and I into her home in Florida.  *hugs Patty*

Then, lastly, one I did for my girlfriend, Carmel, who requested a magical creature.  O.o

This one was painted on the flight from Orlando to Houston.  (or was it Houston to LA?  *flails at memory*)  I took my copic markers on the plane and wondered why the hell I hadn't done that on previous flights, cos it makes the drawing so much fun.  It wasn't until I was going through Customs in LA that I realised with utter horror that I had a pencil-case FULL of Copic refills.  That's about 7 wee bottles of LIQUID.  They make us throw out our water bottles and there I was with freaking ethanol!!  They went through the x-ray, and nothing was said, so I thanked my lucky stars!  I would have seriously cried if I'd been forced to throw out $100 worth of refills, but it would have been my own stupid fault.  I made it through NZ customs too!  I can only think that, because the refills were in with the markers, they all looked like markers under the x-ray.  *feels guilty but grateful and promises to NEVER do it again.*

Argh! (randomly laments missing 'talk like a Pirate Day') Have to go pick up the boy from Cadets...  Friday night is too short!!

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