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I told you so!
art - the Founders 
21st-Jun-2007 02:48 pm
Owl totem
I decided I wanted to do the Founders before the last book comes out, plus I wanted some new art to display at Sectus and Prophecy!
Godric, you'll probably recognise from a painting I did a couple of years ago, but he has been revamped to match the rest of the team!  ;~)

I decided to run them the way the tables run in the Great Hall, which worked quite nicely composition-wise, I think.

You can see bigger versions of them in my Deviant Art gallery.   :~)
21st-Jun-2007 05:05 am (UTC)
Eee! I love it that Helga is so BUSTY. It seems so right, somehow. :D :D Godric is so rustic and adventure-y, and AHHH, Slytherin. SLY. And of course, Rowena looks alert and intelligent. You've done a wonderful job with characterisations. I love it!
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