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hopelessly fannish

Ooo!  Last night I came home from the shop with a fully illustrated HP (tin) lunchbox!!  It is absolutely gorgeous!  Fully illustrated inside and out.  I bought it with the intention of keeping art materials in it (always an excellent way of justifying fannish purchases), but then I opened it and saw the inside!!  And there's no way I am putting dirty, scratchy art materials in it!  Did I mention it was fully illustrated?  I have quite a collection of (useful!) Harry Potter tins now.  And I blame my girlfriend *looks pointedly at Carmel* who gave me the biscuit tin which got me started! 
Now I just have to figure out what I can keep in it... Silk (for silk painting) perhaps.
The kids bought PoA for PS2 last night and are playing it now.  I hate to admit it, but it's rather awesome.  There are a lot more book elements in it.  (Peeves for eg.)  Very distracting... argh they've just gone into Hagrid's hippogriff class... Ohmygod, it's even RAINING!  
And the Dementors are like the book version too!  They don't fly!  Ooo, we just saw Padfoot IN THE STANDS at the Quidditch!!
Now Peeves is teasing Ron! Oh this is too cool; I have to go watch.
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