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I told you so!
Picked up my Diploma (of Illustration) today.  I am… 
17th-Jun-2004 06:48 pm
Owl totem
Picked up my Diploma (of Illustration) today.  I am officially graduated.  Yay me.
I did want to do the real graduation/presentation thing, but as they only allowed 2 guests per student... what was I supposed to do?  CHOOSE between my kids?  *growls and shakes fist at stupid Education dept.* 
On the geekish front - I saw it AGAIN yesterday.  *squeees quietly to self so as not to attract too much attention*   Justified by presence of mother!! (who was seeing it for the SECOND time mind you *rolls eyes with mock melodrama*)  I made her sit through the credits!!  muahahahahahaha!  I had to see the 'snogging' feet again!  To make sure they weren't just a wishful halucination on my part... ;~P   They weren't!  They were definately there and definately 'up to no good'!  Heheheh.
I also finished a Tom Riddle I was working on for those cards at Mugglenet!   Can't show you the whole pic, but I did a cut-down version of it like I did with my Harry one (see icon) and now I have an evil opposite of my Harry!  :~D
ARGH!  Kids keep harrassing me!  Evil children.  Have to go....
30th-Jun-2004 01:59 am (UTC) - the intense eyes
Love the partial pic of Tom Riddle...lord what intense eyes.
2nd-Jul-2004 12:26 am (UTC) - Re: the intense eyes
Thanks! :~)
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