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I told you so!
Picked up my Diploma (of Illustration) today.  I am… 
17th-Jun-2004 06:48 pm
Owl totem
Picked up my Diploma (of Illustration) today.  I am officially graduated.  Yay me.
I did want to do the real graduation/presentation thing, but as they only allowed 2 guests per student... what was I supposed to do?  CHOOSE between my kids?  *growls and shakes fist at stupid Education dept.* 
On the geekish front - I saw it AGAIN yesterday.  *squeees quietly to self so as not to attract too much attention*   Justified by presence of mother!! (who was seeing it for the SECOND time mind you *rolls eyes with mock melodrama*)  I made her sit through the credits!!  muahahahahahaha!  I had to see the 'snogging' feet again!  To make sure they weren't just a wishful halucination on my part... ;~P   They weren't!  They were definately there and definately 'up to no good'!  Heheheh.
I also finished a Tom Riddle I was working on for those cards at Mugglenet!   Can't show you the whole pic, but I did a cut-down version of it like I did with my Harry one (see icon) and now I have an evil opposite of my Harry!  :~D
ARGH!  Kids keep harrassing me!  Evil children.  Have to go....
17th-Jun-2004 07:04 am (UTC)
The snogging feet are in the end credits of Prisoner of Azkaban. You have to watch the little feet running all over the Map. It's SO COOL! Wish I could write to the artist/s who did it and let them know that I noticed and seriously apprecitated the time and effort they put into it.
And the design of the Map... I'm still gobsmacked at how brilliant it is. Whoever did it really CARED (about JK's world), you know?

And thanks for the congrats too. :~)
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