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Pirates 3

So, the kids and I went to see Pirates 3 last night...
...and came to the conclusion, while discussing it on the way home, that they should have let us write the story/script.  Or at least some fans.  We would have done a better job.  

Johnny Depp, of course, was devine.  And I found myself wanting them to hurry up and get to his character, so the first bit of the film was a bit boring.  And then we got a whole shipfull of him! His flirting with the goat had me thinking of Aberforth, and I think "Nobody move, I've dropped me brain" should be my new catchphrase as, so often of late, I have been feeling brainless.  ;~P

But... Norrington - WTF? The ending - WTF? Also, I loved the witchy woman in the last one (she was probably my favourite character), but did they have to make her a goddess? *disappointed sigh*

With Will being 'undead' so to speak, I guess this will mean he never ages, yes?  So who will he have to come back to after a few decades?  What a downer.  O.o  Romantic in that tragic sense, but not my cup of tea.

And another thing - didn't Elizabeth's father die cos he stabbed Davey Jones heart and had to give his own?  Or did I understand that all wrong? And if so, why didn't he become Captain over Jones?  *didn't really follow that part but really enjoyed the visuals*  :~) 

Also they ran the HP trailer before it, but it was the first trailer we saw a while ago - the really short one.  :~(  But it was nice seeing it on the big screen.  :~)
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