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Okay, I was on my way to bed and thought I'd check my mail before shutting down the comp and I find out we have COVERS!!!

And you lot are busily disecting them and I really have to go to bed and will have to wait till the morning before joining in and reading what you all think of them.  But I wanted to get down my initial, raw response to them before I hear what the rest of you thought.

The US one... I quite like it, though it isn't as dynamic as I think I expected/hoped it would be.  And the colour surprised me.  I guess I was expecting something dark.  This looks to me like Voldie meets his demise in the Love room in the DoM.

The UK one... first up - I just want to say - PURPLE AND BLACK! *high fives self*  

Ok, I've got that out... the front looked like a messy cartoon at the small size.  And when I finally got the large version to load...what leapt out at me?  Ron.  Ron looking terrified, scared, like he's about to wet his pants.  It's bad enough getting that Ron on the movie posters, do they have to perpetuate the myth in canon?!  Is it now canon that Ron is a blibbering wimp?  I am slightly molified by the fact that Hermione looks equally shit-scared, and Harry looks lovely.  All determined and strong.  But my poor Ron!  :~(  He didn't even get the sword!  Dobby has it!

Also, the other thing to leap out at me (once I could see past blibbering!Ron) was the 'Stargate' behind them or that they seem to be falling into.  Interesting.  And 'Goblin Gold'?  I want to spend some time studying it all further!  But I really have to sleep now!  

ETA-  *giggling* not only is there a Stargate on the front cover, but what looks like the Enterprise on the back!  
Okay, I really don't mean to mock; I know it's just a cloud, but the crossover fangirl in me couldn't help but get a chuckle out of that.  All it needs is a couple of phaser beams shooting into the Forbidden Forest (which looks like it's on fire, I might add)...  "We come in peace.  Shoot to kill!"  LOL!  It's an ending I would never have guessed!

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