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I told you so!
Third time lucky 
13th-Jun-2004 11:48 pm
Owl totem
Just back from seeing it for the third time. blush.gif biggrin.gif And it just gets better and better for me!  This was certainly my most enjoyable viewing; like sitting back and savouring my favourite food.

Watch the little feet in the credits!! There's one bit of the Map marked as 'Stink Bomb Store Room'. One set of footprints approaches it and TWO sets dash out the other side! That has GOT to be the twins!!! cool.gif
And there is one very small room (probably a closet!) that has two sets of feet in... well, looks to me like there was some snogging going on there! laugh.gif

Awesome. Just awsome. biggrin.gif

Can't wait to see it again!
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