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art - Deathly Hallows coverart

Well, I am completely a-squeeee and utterly chuffed! My art got first place in the Photoshop section of the TLC Deathly Hallows coverart contest! Thankyou Leaky!!

If you haven't already, you must head over and have a look at the other beautiful entries!

Here are some larger versions of mine for you -

(click on the thumbnails for the BIG!)

without text

with text and lines to indicate the folds for the spine and flaps.

I saw a complaint in the comments on TLC that the text is too hard to read and would never be allowed for proper publishing. This is true, and I'll admit that was kind of deliberate on my part, as I didn't want it to take away from the painting. I was also emulating my US version of Order of the Phoenix which uses a blue foil embossing for the text on a blue cover. From certain angles that can't be read either. ;~)

and, come on, you know I couldn't do a cover without doing a UK version!!

The front flap on the UK version looks a bit bizarre cos it needs text!
Here's a bigger version of the front so you can see Harry's face. :~)

This was painted in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. The base of the art was handpainted watercolour, which was then scanned into the computer. The castle in the background was photoshopped in from one of my older (acrylic) paintings, which you can see on the background of my journal!

Regarding the symbolism/story behind the scene depicted in the art, and the characters... I chose to stick with the Trio - Harry, Ron and Hermione. Deathly Hallows brought to mind the barrows and standing stones of ancient Britain for me, so that's where I've set it. And the Celtic patterns on the stone are part of a spell, whether for security or otherwise I'll leave to your imagination! Suffice to say that it requires the Full Moon, and Harry has found a way in/through, which is why the pattern is lighting up. But Dementors are approaching and Ron and Hermione have to fend them off to allow Harry to do his part!

Hopefully I've created an urgency in the scene and with the characters that will intregue the viewers and make them want to read the book! ;~)

ETA: I forgot to mention that the greenish haze on the ground is supposed to be the green mist caused by the Dementors! ;~)
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