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I told you so!
Finished that window frame today.  Feeling good about… 
29th-Feb-2004 06:45 pm
Owl totem

Finished that window frame today.  Feeling good about that.  :~)  Stencilled nice celtic patterns onto it and have received very positive responses from the rest of the family.  Now I have to think of something to do with the kitchen walls that will match it...  Currently contemplating going all out and doing a sky ceiling!  It's such a crappy old, little kitchen, painting it like that will take my (and everyone else's) mind off it's crappiness.  And keep my creativity active.

Got two of the kids home tomorrow plus minding one extra. *glares at school*  Fecking 'pupil free days'.  Then ALL the schools are going on strike on Wednesday!  Bastards.

On a brighter note...

NEW COMPUTER!  *does Happy Dance*  Better...stronger...faster... *cue 6million$Man music*  Gah!  Now I'm really showing my age.  Now I'm learning to drive said computer.  Looking forward to being able to run Painter on this one!!!


1st-Mar-2004 06:36 pm (UTC) - Heeeeeey!
This is so odd...

I was literally just about to e-mail you tonight (I got caught up yesterday at your groups), and then a link from your new site led me here. Welcome!

I hope that your mum is doing well and that your muse has been with you. My thoughts went out to you this week...


1st-Mar-2004 06:50 pm (UTC) - Re: Heeeeeey!
Hi Ivy!!
Yes, when I saw your name in the H&L lists I was quite delighted I have to tell you. Was planning to send you a 'wave' but you beat me to it. :~) There just isn't enough time in a day, is there?
My Mum is doing really well, thanks. The results from the surgery were good. She'll still have to have chemo and radiation therapy, but they got all the cancer. So that's encouraging.
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