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OMG it's full of STARS!

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OMG!  I finally got to see McNaught's comet tonight!  It was awesome!  I thought we'd missed it thanks to all the cloud and smoke cover we've had lately, but tonight we had a beautifully clear night.  Absolutely cloudless.  *joy!*  And thanks to my dear friend, Cindy in Canberra, who alerted me that it was up and visible in the South-West, I checked the local sky, squeeeeeeeeeeed madly and got the whole family out for a look.

This is the first comet I've ever seen (well, there was Haley's back in '86 but that was barely visible) so I stood out the front for a good hour (I think) ringing family and friends getting them out to look at it before it set.   Saw a rather spectacular 'shooting star' while I was out there too.  I could see it burning.  *boggles*  Of course it was over in a flash, but it must have been awfully close for me to be able to see it red and burning!

The comet's tail was faaaaaaaaabulous!
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