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I told you so!
posting art internationally 
15th-Dec-2006 04:20 pm
Owl totem
I just received a parcel from thinkgeek.com that was shipped from the US on the 12th and arrived here today!! (15th. And actually it left the US on the 12th, which was the 13th here, so WOW!) It was shipped with DHL. It cost more, but WOW! I may look into that sort of service for art parcels in the future. Just for the security. I just about have a fit every time I put an art parcel to the hands of Australia Post. I haven't lost anything yet, (and I hope to god I never do!) and for that reason I get more nervous with each parcel that goes out, thinking that, statistically, it's bound to happen...one day... :~(

Oh, and now this LJ thing has really pissed me off because I can't select a custom friends group! *stabs*
15th-Dec-2006 07:43 am (UTC)
Got that 'graphic equaliser' t-shirt for my 15yo and a few other sundry items. Ironically, I was out xmas shopping this morning, and there was a stall selling very similar t-shirts! But theirs didn't react to sound the way the thinkgeek one does. And the price was very similar to the ThinkGeek price (taking the US and AUS $ into account, and shipping).

I love that site too. The way they write their entries is so funny.
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