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I told you so!
photobucket strikes 
4th-Oct-2006 04:51 pm
Uh oh. Well, I guess I knew it would come eventually. Yup, Photobucket has stripmined my pics. :~P Actually, it's sort of amusing what they've taken. They took ONE of the HP Venus pics, and left the rest! Even ones with a bare breast.

Now I have to find another way to display my pics. Crap. This affects my website too. *sigh*

So apologies for broken links etc. I'll try to get them back up asap.

ETA: can you believe it?! They left the um 'Something About' one! (R/Hr Nook) *boggles* Actually... it looks like they've left all the commission art! Or maybe they haven't got to it yet?

ETA2: AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! They took 'the Princess and the Pirate'!!! And the sketch of Han and Leia on the couch from 'Mergers and Aquisitions! Both characters were fully clothed! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. But too "hot" for Photobucket! Wash out your eyes all of you! My suggestive art will make them melt. *snort*
6th-Oct-2006 01:24 pm (UTC)
That's really messed up and I'm sorry to hear it. I think companies like that don't check specific accounts unless they actually get a complaint from someone. Since they were selective about what they took, it sounds like maybe someone complained about those particular pics, and amin looked at the links and said "Yep, that's smut," and didn't bother looking further because none of the others were complained about.

You mentioned that hotlinking is eating up your bandwidth. Is this from you linking your work to various things, or is this from other people helping themselves to your work? If it's the latter, you might want to check this out: http://altlab.com/htaccess_tutorial.html It's a link from one of the sites I mentioned in this post http://p066.ezboard.com/fnerfherdersplaygroundfrm8.showMessageRange?topicID=51.topic&start=-19&stop=0 at the Plaground, because I actively try to discourage hotlinking there. You may get a kick out of the second link in the post, "The Switcheroo". It takes a few minutes to get through all of it but I laughed my butt off at this site admin's crative approach to stopping hotlinking from her site.

Good luck finding somewhere to host your "porn", lol. I hope you'll let us know what your solution is in case someone else finds themselves in a similar bind and needs somewhere to go.
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