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I told you so!
Indiana Jones and the Da Vinci Code? 
28th-Jun-2006 02:10 pm
Indy bearded
Ok, I know I'm WAY behind the times, but I'm finally reading (currently halfway through, so no spoilers please!) the DaVinci Code. (and, no, I haven't seen the film yet) Have any of you read it? I'm reading a lovely illustrated edition borrowed from my Uncle. It has photos of all the relevent art works etc, which is a huge boon cos I don't have to get up every five minutes and google it to know what they're talking about! :~)

Anyway, I had heard via Harrison Ford when he was doing interviews for 'Firewall' that the main character was supposed to look like him, and yes he is mentioned by name. Also, the character's voice was described like Harrison's - 'smooth chocolate' *yes I'm drooling* - and several times there have been references to his 'lopsided grin'!

And the more I get into the story, the more it reads like an Indiana Jones fanfic! Seriously! The character of Langdon is dead-set Dr (Indiana) Jones! (minus the hat ;~P)

Anyone else feel that?

I'm thoroughly enjoying it by the way. ;~)
28th-Jun-2006 07:57 am (UTC)
I agree, and Da Vinci Code does get really Indiana Jones-y. (But I'm such a sucker for adventure!) I could totally see Harrison playing Langdon... (whoa, their names are alike too... O.o sorta. XD) but I also think he would have been a bit too old for the role now, and also Langdon is a bit sweeter/gentler than Indy's character. (Not that Harrison couldn't just act sweeter, I'm just saying he usually plays adorable jackasses. ;D)

OOooh! What part are you at??? It's soooo good! I just don't want to give anything away! XD
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