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BIG art sale.

Thanks largely to the demise and rushed replacement of my washing machine this week (and subsequent blow-out of our credit card), I decided it might be worth selling off some of my older art. Art that sits hidden in a folder on my bookshelf, bringing nobody any pleasure, and if one of you out there thinks you'd like to give it a good home...

All paintings and sketches are A4 (roughly 8"x11") or smaller, and are on basic printer paper. They are either pencil sketches or finished Copic Marker paintings.

Prices start at $10 for old sketches.
Please take into account there will be the cost of postage on top of that too. $10-$20US depending on where it's going and whether it's insured or not.
I prefer payment via PayPal as that deals with exchange rates and different currencies.

All comments will be screened.

be warned! Some of the images are NOT WORK SAFE. :~)

OotP Chapter Header Ch1 Dudley Demented.
Harry watching Dudley's gang.
This is just the art; no text.

Harry and Cho.

young Leia.

Mission to Galadan coverart. (the original does not have the text. I was just too lazy to make a new jpg ;~P)

Princess and the Sith Lord.

Han/Leia. Romance of the Century.
Text before computers! ;~P

Han/Leia. Bloodstripe 3 coverart.

Han/Leia. sex in zero-G.
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