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why computers are EVIL

Remember that challenge fiendling  posted a while back?  The AU HP at War.  Yeah, well, I was this close to being finished.  This close!  Had to close the file last night for family (how inconsiderate of them, eh? Demanding their mother's time!  pfft!) and now my computer won't open it!!!  Says I don't have enough memory.  *weeps*  I mean, WTF?  It wasn't telling me that yesterday!

Anyway, I decided to post this so you can see I was working on it!  And I will finish it as soon as I can *kick* sort *kick* out *kick* my *kick* stupid computer.

Oh yeah... I went for the Jedi theme.  Well, come on, this is ME.  You expected something else?


*kick computer again just for the heck of it*

Tags: art, computer, hp, sw

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