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This evening my daughter threw out the scrap/stale bread for the birds, which we do every day. We have a family of magpies who will take meat out of our hands, and for a while there we had 2 wild ducks visiting every evening. Tonight we had

First there were only a couple...

Then they called in their mates!

this one looks like a bad photoshop job!! Seriously looks like he was pasted on and the colours look totally fake! :~P But look at him looking right at the camera! :~D So gorgeous!

We were able to get amazingly close. Myself and my 2 youngest were right under them and they didn't seem worried about us at all. They talked to us - looked us in the eye and whistled back when we whistled at them.

I love where we live; the wildlife is brilliant. (and they love our yard because it isn't a landscaped perfection like our neighbours'! ;~P)

and here's some info if you're interested - Rainbow Lorikeet
Tags: australia, birds, family, parrot, rainbow lorikeet
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