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Harry and James

Well, here's a nice little surprise - we're allowed to post the Wizard Card art we were doing for Mugglenet Interactive!
So here's the first two of mine -
(my ISP has kicked me back to dial-up speed so I'm more conscious of the time it take for pix to load... ;~P )

Mugglenet Wizard Cards

Well here he is at last! The Harry you've all seen in my icon and in various small or cropped incarnations. This was one of my very first CG illustrations! (and some would say that's obvious ;~P) The background I nicked from the Wizards painting I did, which you can see on the background of my journal.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, my first real portrait of James! I was rather pleased with how this one turned out. I tried to make him a sort of devilish version of Harry, deliberately imitating the pose of the Harry card I did as well as the background, but Hogwarts in this case is depicted by the Marauder's Map. :~)

This one was all pencil with parchmenty colour added in PS.

Hope you enjoyed seeing those. It's after 1am here, so I'll post more tomorrow.
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