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iPod NOT

My SECOND iPod just died. This was a replacement for my first iPod, which also died. Seems these delightful devices have a lifespan of SIX MONTHS almost to the day. My first iPod was a xmas present from hubby last yr and had to be replaced in June. To say I am LIVID would be the understatement of the century.
I have no doubt I will get a replacement for it - it's still under it's original warrantee and hubby had the good sense to buy extra on top of that - BUT I was (I don't think unreasonably) expecting to use it on the 2.5hour drive I'll be doing 3 days from now! In fact I was planning to buy a car attachment for it tomorrow...
Even if I got a replacement iPod tomorrow (which I know I won't because they'll have to send it back to the factory to prove that it can't be revived before they'll give me a new one, and that will take at least 2 weeks) I wouldn't have time to reload everything I had on it.

I had sincerely hoped that the problems I had with my first iPod were just bad luck - that I was one of the small percentage of folks who were unlucky enough to get a dud. I even gave both hubby and my 14yo son iPods for xmas - both the 20g photo versions. Son was beyond delighted and has barely been seperated from it since xmas morning. Hubby now wants to return his (which is still in it's box) and get our money back.
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