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I told you so!
gift art! 
10th-Dec-2005 01:15 am
Owl totem
The next two pics are big fat THANKYOUS!

The first is for legomymalfoy, because she was kind enough to allow me to download a very large file recently. *wicked smile* Which, I rather enjoy watching while I'm eating my breakfast. ;~)

Hope you like them legomymalfoy! :~)

And the next one is for shocolate because, when I was at first unable to download legomymalfoy's because our ISP had cut us back to dail-up speed till the end of the month, sweet, sweet shocolate took pity on this poor (desperate) Aussie and snail-mailed me said file on disk!
So thankyou, my dear. It's a Ron/Hermione (hope you don't mind!) which I loosely titled the Morning After

Thankyou again, both of you!! *hugs and kisses*
(pssst! email me for larger versions. ;~) )
9th-Dec-2005 07:46 am (UTC)
Santa Claus is an Australian and he is drawing fan art for us lucky gals!
Beautiful new art, Leela!
BTW... how comes that even we all love all drawings you craeted each of us loves her own Leela drawing the most LOL? Maybe it's like loving an own child, eh? All children are splendid but the own ones is just a bit more splendid LOL.
10th-Dec-2005 02:27 am (UTC)
Hahaha! Maybe? I don't know. It's great that everyone loves the pieces I do for them though! :~)
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